Michal Fasung, L4T club team captain: We deserved the promotion to Extraleague

Michal Fasung, L4T club team captain: We deserved the promotion to Extraleague

LOVE 4 Tennis club is returning back to the Slovakian Extraleague team’s competition after a year. It was not an easy mission to win promotion, last match in June was deciding the fortune. “We were uncertain how it will turn out, because number of our team members play in foreign leagues or at 10K tournaments. We worked hard to build a solid team,” said Michal Fasung, team captain about building the team throughout the year.

TK LOVE 4 Tennis lost in the first league match, in late April against Tennis Academy Presov 2-5. After this unlucky match, we were successful in winning all the remaining matches and other results were also in our favour. We have won six matches, lost only one and won the promotion back to top division after beating Tipex Bratislava 5-2 at home on June, 17. “In the past we had problems with the team for above mentioned reasons. Uladzimir Ignatik and Danylo Kalenichenko were positive surprises, as they played in all the important matches and helped us a lot. We are very happy to have them in our team. We had the chance and we took it,” commented on club’s success captain Michal Fasung for www.love4tennis.sk.

He described the whole season in few words. “We lost the first match against Presov, which made it difficult for us. Presov played with BASELINE afterwards and we needed Banska Bystrica based team to beat them. Presov were 3-2 up after singles, but BASELINE won both doubles to win the whole match. Presov were with one defeat and after we beat BASELINE, we were close to winning promotion. We beat TIPEX Bratislava in the last round to confirm our Extraleague’s status for next season,” said Fasung.

Goulash party

Players do not take any money for playing in the competition. “We need to have enough players and encourage them at least with great goulash soup. Or guarantee them massages by Mr. Caro,” laughed captain. “We are happy boys take part in the competition despite not being paid anything. They are proud of their club. So far it works for us.”

Proud of his team

Head coach Erik Csarnakovics is very proud after winning promotion to top division. “I would like to thank everyone involved in organization. Michal Fasung and Martin Caro did a great job. And everyone who played even a single match. It is a success of the whole team. They fought hard, despite losing to Presov in the first match. I am very proud,” commented Csarnakovics. “We do not only have A-team, but also our B-team. They will play in lower divisions. Youngsters will play during weekends. It is very important for the club. Extraleague is not played over long period of time. Of course, it could be made more attractively, but still it is a good experience for players in our first team,” added head coach.

TK LOVE 4 TENNIS (A team):
Ignatik Uladzimir
Mammetgulyyev Isa
Fasung Michal
Caro Martin
Partl Adrian
Kalenichenko Danylo
Hodor Samuel
Csarnakovics Erik
Klobusovsky Matej
Lexa Vladimir
Gajdica Alex
Gabas Ronald


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