Milos Mecir has become the member of the LOVE 4 TENNIS Academy

Milos Mecir has become the member of the LOVE 4 TENNIS Academy

A well-known Slovak tennis player Miloslav Mecir (27) has played in the LOVE TENNIS club for over two years. However, our coaches agreed on trial cooperation with him in the Academy, where he is coached also by his father and has a good sparring sessions with a lot of ATP players.

“I go to LOVE 4 TENNIS club often. I like it here very much. There is a peace here and I have found an ideal environment for my trainings. I modulate them as I want. I have either one long training or more short trainings. Overall, I’m really content here,” said Mecir for in the past. “But now, I have decided to begin the trial cooperation with the LOVE 4 TENNIS Academy, we’ll see how it’s gonna be,” added No. 223 in the ATP rankings.
Mecir was focused on fitness and physical preparation in the end of the last year. “Milos suggested in winter that it would be nice if someone went with him to the tournaments. Therefore, we were looking for the options. When I travel with Uladzimir Ignatik or our coach Jan Stancik travels with Adrian Partl, we can go together with Milos. Yet there are the coaches Tibor Toth and Illya Marchenko who train with us. We’ve agreed that we could try it together,” says Csarnakovics.

It is a global trend
Milos is coached also by Miloslav Mecir senior, twice a Grand Slam finalist and Olympic gold medalist from Seoul 1988. Cooperation with former top tennis players is excellent and can help younger Milos. “There are trainers who are with the player every day. They travel with him, play and train. And then there’s someone who’s in charge and gives something special to the player. Just see Nishikori – Chang, Edberg – Federer, Cilic – Ivanisevic, Murray – Mauresmo etc. These people are not with them to travel 49 weeks a year. However, their presence during the most crucial weeks is extremely important. It would be a shame not to cooperate with him. It works great for now,”head coach explained.

Mecir has still something to say
Mecir is the only Slovak tennis player in history, who was twice a Grand Slam finalist, but he also earned 4th place in the ATP rankings. He is also a Davis Cup captain of Slovakia. When it comes to the club, the players really respect him. “When Milos is on the court, he talks to his son, but in addition, he still manages to give an advice to two or three juniors. This is a great benefit for our whole Academy. During his presence and the presence of other ATP players, attention of junior players goes up dramatically. If anyone thinks that Milos has nothing to say, I can just say that it is not enough to listen only to what he says, but it’s also important to understand what he has to say. It is a pity that his full potential is not really used in Slovakia,” said Csarnakovics.

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