The talented player Viktoria Morvayova is training in the LOVE 4 TENNIS Academy

The talented player Viktoria Morvayova is training in the LOVE 4 TENNIS Academy

None of the combined ITF ranking players from Slovakia is younger or higher ranked than the 15-year-old Slovak player Viktoria Morvayova. Currently, she is No. 154. Junior player who is taking the advantage of training in the academy, and according to her main coach Erik Csarnakovics, she can benefit from the team spirit of L4T Academy.

For the first time, Csarnakovics met her in April 2016 at the junior tournament  in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. “I went there with the member of the academy, Dominika Sujova. We used to train together, and later, Viki came to Academy to try it again. She probably needed a change. She likes the system of the Academy. Playing in a team, she can take advantage of many aspects of the play. She is motivated, as there are many players in the academy, and she also has many friends here. You can do a lot of work as long as there is a team spirit. It  is less exhaustive and more inspiring,” Csarnakovics thinks.

Not so long ago, at the end of May, you could see Viktoria Morvayova at the tournament Abris Cup (Grade 2, clay) in Hungary. She was accompanied by the main coach of L4T. “Last week, we played in Budapest. The tournament was great, she played doubles in the semi-final. The performance was good. Though the result looks obvious (1-6, 3-6),  the performance of the players was balanced.  But the first seeded Slovenian player was better in key moments. We met each other, she was training with the L4T member Vanda Lukacs. We could see what we should work on. Now, it is set all right. Last week, she did the fitness tests,” says Csarnakovics who is going to give individual care to the player.

“We want her to take maximum advantage out of the academy potential, including sparring partners and coaches. We want her to do a complex training, warm up, stretching, regeneration and mental training.  So far, she had not been used to it.”

The long-term cooperation between Viktoria Morvayova and Karol Kucera will also continue. “We would like to continue this cooperation, as Karol had been working with Viktoria since her early childhood. Viktoria is certainly one of the best players in Europe in her age. Now, when she is No. 154, she has reached her best result in ranking ever. She has a huge potential. She had never been overtrained or  burnt out and she has not had any muscular dysbalance. She can make relatively fast progress,” the coach added.

Soon, Csarnakovics is travelling to another tournament with Morvayova. This time, it is the junior tournament of the ITF category 2, Bytom Cup in Poland.

Photo credit: Milan Hutera, Tennis Arena


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