Our story


Academy L4T is one of the best tennis academies in Central Europe. Since 2006 it´s raising professional tennis players with positions in the world rankings.

What was behind its origin?

„When I decided to set up Love4Tennis Academy I asked myself the question: What does professional player needs, how can he can step further, improve faster? In my mind  I went back in time, to the times when I tried tennis as a profession. I was looking for the details in the training process that was not there for me back then.

 An academy, which would give me a comprehensive service and provide me with everything I need to become better, support me at my lows and help me to reach my potencial best.

I tried to implement all this into Love4Tennis Academy. With the help of my team, we created a place for players, where they can devote all of their time only to training and improving their performance day by day. All other ( sparring, fitness training, regeneration, equipment, accommodation, etc.) is taken care of by our professional team. All of our current members are experiencing this firsthand. Become part of our team,too J !”

Erik Csarnakovics

Erik Csarnakovicsfounder and headcoach