Professional Tennis Camp


It is designed especially for advanced players (approx. 10 years) who wants to experience firsthand how professional tennis players trains.

The program is custom-made to each player, by age, performance and training periods.

Player trains under assigned coach. In addition to tennis training, each player also attend other practices (of fitness, mental) and regeneration (massage, physiotherapy, stretching, yoga, compensation exercises). Players will obtain first-hand experience of a professionals’ schedule.

The whole training process to improve players performance is led by unique method of Academy L4T. Program for each player is custom-made and we lead our players to know exactly what to play and that way they have the best chance to win or at least to reach their potential best tennis.

The training program also includes assistance, additional services and leisure activities such as bowling, rafting, swimming, theater and so on.

Professional camp program takes different lengths of time (under an agreement with the player) and the players most frequently use it during the summer holidays, to gain an independent view of our experienced coaches at their own game, due to lack of sparring in their own clubs or to change their training stereotype.

The reasons differ, but the objectives remain unchanged, to advance in the tennis world and to improve your game.