Online training program for tennis players


Complex online training program has been designed for professional tennis players and supervised by our fitness, tennis and mental coaches.

Program include:

  • Fitness trainings – our fitness coach will create a weekly personalized fitness plan for every day. Plan will be sent every Sunday and includes detailed explanations of exercises for everyday.
  • Tennis footwork – every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 9-10am our Instagram account (@l4t_online_training) will bring you live training with our tennis coach. Trainings will focus on court movement with tennis racket and stroke imitations in different scenarios.
  • Stretching exercises – every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10-11am our Instagram account (@l4t_online_training) will bring you live stretching with our guru. Stretching exercises will be focused on increasing overall muscle flexibility which is important to avoid injuries.
  • Game analysis + technique – 2x a week will be a video conference with our tennis coach. Trainings will be focused on understanding personal game based on comparison with TOP players, analysis of strokes technique followed by exercises for improvement.
  • Mental training – 1x a week will be a video call with our psychologist. Trainings will be focused on identifying mental blocks during matches and handling tough situations.

The goal of this complex online training is to keep improving while being at home and become a better player once coming back from this current situation caused by COVID-19.